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Advertising is a crucial component in building brand awareness, growing market share and maintaining your company's image.  And when it comes to communicating your message to bluegrass fans, no one delivers a larger and more loyal audience week after week, month after month than the Bluegrass Radio Network and INTO THE BLUE®.


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Radio advertising on INTO THE BLUE® delivers in all the key areas:
• Cost Efficiency (lower cost per impression than other media)
• Higher Frequency (connect with your customers every week)
• Highly Targeted Demographic
• Rapidly Expanding Fan Base (new markets added regularly)
• Audience Loyalty
• Superior Reach
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Bluegrass Consumer Demographics

Since 1985, the nationwide audience of bluegrass fans has increased an astounding 75%. According to Simmons Research Data, there are now more than 17 million bluegrass fans in the United States. Below is the most current research available on their lifestyle and buying habits.

Compared with the general public,
bluegrass consumers are...

29% more likely to have a college degree
67.7% are homeowners
63.3% more likely to be between the ages of 25-54
115% more likely to play a musical instrument
27% more likely to do things on the spur of the moment

And they are...

• More likely to read the New Yorker, Newsweek and Money Magazine
• Active people who enjoy camping, sports, recreation and outdoor activities
• Do-It-Yourselfer's who enjoy doing home improvements
• Pet owners

Want to know more?

The following bluegrass consumer demographic reports have been generated from the Simmons Research database and provide a more detailed look into the habits and buying trends of the bluegrass consumer. Should you need additional product specific research, simply let us know.

Basic Demographics
Lifestyle Habits
Leisure Activities

Image updated 2/1/09