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Advertising Inquiries:

Toll Free 1(800) 991-2008

Radio Affiliate Inquiries:

Do you manage or work for a commercial radio station and need more information about securing a license to broadcast INTO THE BLUE®? Check out our Affiliate Info Page containing everything you need to get started. It's quick, easy and best of all, INTO THE BLUE® is provided on a barter basis - FREE to qualifying commercial radio stations.

Direct Affiliate Inquiries To:

Phone: (615) 377-7077
Fax: (866) 316-8296

Submitting Projects For Airplay Consideration:

While we can't promise we will air your project, we do promise to give it fair and honest consideration if it is professionally produced and packaged. We do not accept one-off's (unless of course it's on 78 vinyl). Please note that It is our policy not to give opinions or advice to artists regarding their projects. That said, we would love to hear your work!

Bluegrass Radio Network
Attn: Programming
PO Box 125
Brentwood, TN 37024