QUES: We currently only have one hour available for specialty programming. Do I have to carry all three hours of INTO THE BLUE®?
ANS: You may carry one, two or three hours of the broadcast.

QUES: I have one hour open on Saturday afternoon and another Sunday night. Can I run just the two hours?
ANS: Certainly! Send us an email requesting an Mp3 intro and you can use it to open the second hour as a stand alone edition of INTO THE BLUE®.

QUES: How much does INTO THE BLUE® cost?
ANS: We provide the program on a barter basis - without cost, to commercial radio. We reserve 6 minutes per hour for national avails and provide 6 minutes for your local sponsors.

QUES: Is INTO THE BLUE® available to both commercial and non-commercial radio?
ANS: INTO THE BLUE® is available only to commercial radio.

QUES: When do most stations air the broadcast?
ANS: The majority carry INTO THE BLUE® on Saturday or Sunday.

QUES: Can I download the program via the internet?
ANS: If you are an approved affiliate, we will provide you with instructions for downloading the show. With a broadband connection, you should be able to download the entire 3 hours in under 10 minutes.

QUES: What format is the show provided in?
ANS: INTO THE BLUE® is available on an enhanced CD and in Mp3 128k format.

QUES: How can I hear a sample of INTO THE BLUE®?
ANS: Simply contact Al Snyder or click here to sample an Mp3 of the show.

QUES: What if I'm not happy with the results of the show?
ANS: We're confident you will be, but if for any reason you are not, we offer a full 90 day out clause in the affiliate agreement.

QUES: My consultant told me not to play bluegrass, what do you say?
ANS: According to Simmons research, the audience for bluegrass has more than doubled in the past 4 years. However, because empirical listener test data for bluegrass doesn't exist, many consultants are not interested in considering it for airplay. We think that is shortsighted. We also believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of appreciative loyal fans you will add by airing INTO THE BLUE®. Great radio is about more than statistics - it's about giving your audience compelling programming with substance. So on this matter we respectfully, but strongly disagree with your consultant.

QUES: We already have a local DJ who hosts a bluegrass show for us, won't INTO THE BLUE® be a duplication?
ANS: No. In fact, we highly encourage the combination of a regional and national bluegrass show like INTO THE BLUE®. A local host can feature bands who are well known to the region, while INTO THE BLUE® is more nationally focused, often featuring in-depth interviews from the stars, previews of unreleased material and more.